10 Amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

10 Amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

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Last year when visiting family I was introduced to the amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits. I wanted to do some research before buying rather than just jumping on a trend.

Recently, Market America introduced Royal Spa Essential Oils which I purchased and was then in need of a diffuser.

In my search for an aromatherapy oil diffuser I came across a Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser and things got really interesting!

Two for One: Himalayan Salt Lamp & Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oils by royal spa banner

I admit it, I am complete novice when it comes to aromatherapy, salt lamps, essential oils, etc. So I did what anyone would do.

I went to Facebook for recommendations for an essential oil diffuser. I just wanted to know what to look for and what to stay away from.

Instead of course I was flooded with oil sellers wanting to drop their link or their customers doing so on their behalf.

No one could tell me why their diffuser was better than the next. Yes, frustrating.

So I continued my search and came across a diffuser that looked like this:

Evolution Salt EARO Himalayan Aromatherapy Crystal Salt Lamp


And the light bulb went off! I could kill two birds with one stone! Rather than having both a salt rock lamp AND an essential oil diffuser I would have a 2 in 1.

It was at least worth the try! My rationale was that if I didn’t like it as a diffuser I could still use it as a salt crystal rock lamp.

So I ordered it!

10 Amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

After the first night I noticed two things immediately:

  1. The air was in my room was extremely fresh and deodorized
  2. I slept like a baby

That was validation enough but I still wanted to pull in third party info for my friends and family (I thought they may be skeptical but it turns out they weren’t at all!).

Here are Reasons to Have a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Every Room

My lamp arrived shortly after Thanksgiving which I spent in Arizona sick with a bad cold and mild bronchitis. So the lamp and its benefits were much needed and welcomed.

My coughing was definitely much better and I finally got a good night’s sleep.

What amazed me most was the air felt like outside fresh air!
10 Amazing Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Using the salt lamp as a diffuser is very easy.

You just fill the metal cup with distilled water and few drops of your favorite essential oils or oil blends and the heat of the lamp will diffuse the oil.

I have used several oil brands with the lamp and by far my favorite are the Essential Oils by Royal Spa, especially the Calm blend.

Everything You Need to Know About Himalayan Salt Lamps

Watch this short video that will explain everything you need to know about a Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Where to Buy Himalayan Aromatherapy Crystal Salt Lamp

Now that you have learned all of the awesome Himalayan Salt Lamp benefits I am sure you are just dying to get your hands on one!

You can purchase a Himalayan Salt Lamp from a variety of places.

Since I own an online mall, of course I wanted to purchase from there. This lamp is imported from Pakistan.

Evolution Salt EARO Himalayan Aromatherapy Crystal Salt Lamp


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