Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique for No-Filter Selfies

Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique for No-Filter Selfies

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Beauty vlogger Wayne Goss is totally gushing about the Soniaxfyza Buffing technique that he learned at a recent Soniaxfyza makeup seminar. The Soniaxfyza buffing technique is quickly spreading on Instagram and Youtube as part of the makeup megatrend of contouring and highlighting. Other makeup artists on social media are also raving about their experience after trying this technique after watching the Wayne Goss YouTube videos. Continue reading to watch both videos and we also reveal exactly what products you can use to easily achieve the Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique

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Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique for Flawless Contouring & Highlighting

As reluctant as I am to call myself a makeup artist, at best that is what I am. At worst I am a DIE Hard Beauty Enthusiast. Every beauty enthusiast worth their red lip stick is head over heels in love; if not addicted to contouring and highlighting.  The one thing we fear however, is looking cakey or like we have on tons of layers of cake batter! We are all becoming under more scrutiny on social media for the use of PhotoShop and excessive filters. The negative buzz is the over commercialization of the art of social media. So the Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique is definitely a welcomed jolt to the contouring and highlighting mega-trend.

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Soniaxfyza is actually two people. Fyza is a British makeup artist and according to her blog, she was “the first and the only UK Artist to be trained by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist and my sister (Sonia) was his model. Sonia is my muse (the girl in all the pictures) we are between London and Middle East.”

How to Look Flawless In Photos & Real Life

Selfies are more than a narcissistic form of expression. They can actually translate into cash flow for real business as a blogger. Getting the perfect selfie has evolved into a process that can be very professional in quality and look. Many makeup artists, especially those that are self taught are coming under fire for their use of photoshop and filters, or more accurately their over use. Wayne Goss, YouTuber/Vlogger, reveals how to look flawless in photos and real life in the following video:

The Video You’ve Been Waiting for the Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique

The buffing technique involves an extra step to the typical contouring & highlighting regimen. Once you have on foundation, have concealed, highlighted, contoured then you set everything with a loose transluscent powder (blending it all of course). The Soniaxfyza buffing technique involves using a dome shaped brush that is clean and using it to apply a pressed translucent powder in circlular motions all over the face. Most people fear that this will cause the product already on the face to become muddy or worse look cakey. In fact the product remains in place and the circular motions magically erase any harsh lines. The result is a perfect and flawless picture worthy look that does not require filters!

Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique Using Motives Cosmetics

Huda Kattan is not the only top blogger to rave about Motives Cosmetics Color Perfection Quad. Soniaxfyza recently wrote a blog post “Contouring Kits Hype,” in which she says that the Motives Color Perfection Quad is:

“My most used, it’s meant to be a foundation but I was one of the first Make-Up Artists on Instagram to use this for contour early last year. love the shades and consistency!”

Click here to discover how to contour your face with our step by step contouring and highlighting tutorial.

You can easily achieve the Soniaxfyza Buffing Technique at home with the following Motives Cosmetics products:

Motives Color Perfection Quad – 4 quads available read about them here

Motives Photo Finish Pressed Powder – comes in fair to dark shades, click here to see them

Motives 10 Years Younger Setting Spray – for the perfect finish!

Motives Powder Brush – feels so soft and great on the skin

Motives Filter HD Powder – A translucent finishing powder developed with ultra-blurring and light reflecting pigments that set makeup for an airbrushed, high-definition finish

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Want More Motives Cosmetics?

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About Tamira Hamilton Certified Motives Beauty Advisor, Tamira Hamilton, has over 20 years of sales, marketing and coaching experience. She earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cardinal Stritch University with an emphasis on Marketing and Finance. Tamira specializes in helping others find their inner strength and leveraging it with a proven and duplicatable system to make money online using Blogs, Social Media and influence. Tamira is a servant leader and well respected in the industry. To learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, please email or visit


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