Red and Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Look Motives Summer Sizzle

Red and Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Look Motives Summer Sizzle

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I did it! I created my DREAM red and gold smokey eye makeup look.

Everyone loves a gold smokey eye and they are perfect for summer. This look puts a spin on the trend and is more of a crimson and gold smokey eye.

This unique shade of red is perfect for brown eyes and will transition perfectly into fall.

Sizzle This Summer with This Red and Gold Smokey Eye

I know what you are thinking….

Red and gold smokey eye? Is she serious?

You probably are imagining a see of red that is bold and overbearing with gold that is even more gaudy.

Typically, you also think of fall when you think of red and gold smokey eyes.

Now that you have imagined that….take a look at this.

Crimson and Gold Crimson Smokey Eye Headshot Tamira Hamilton

Now I realize this picture does NOT do the look justice.  You can’t see the golden transition from the brow bone to the crease all that well.

I watched the video walk through of this look on my Apple TV in high def and was totally blown away! T

he video is below and you can check it out on Apple TV for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Not Your Typical Red Smokey Eye

This look actually started out as kind of a monochromatic smokey eye of the cranberry or crimson look.

So the look is not a TRUE red and gold smokey eye but more of a crimson and gold smokey makeup look.

I was inspired by a look I saw in my dream. I believe this dream inspiration to come from a sunset I saw when lending in Dallas for a layover a few weeks ago.

Gold Smokey Eye using Motives Eye Illusion Sizzle | Tamira Hamilton

The decision to go from monochromatic (all one shade or closely related shades) was made in the spur of the moment.

Heat Wave Coming: Why this CRIMSON and Gold Smokey Eye Works So Well

This look was inspired by a warm winter sunset on the brink of Spring. So it needed to be warm but not too warm.

I used Motives Cosmetics Heat Wave under the brow bone and as the initial transition shade to really warm this crimson and gold smokey eye up. This matte mustard like shade provided just enough warmth to give this red and gold smokey eye some pop to it!

motives heat wave transitions golden smokey eye makeup

Remember this look was inspired by a winter sunset.

Once I added Motives Eye Illusion in Sizzle the look began to take on a more royal feel.

gold smokey eye with motives-eye-illusions-sizzle

Motives Eye Illusion in Sizzle provided a metallic gold flare that took the look from a 6 to a 10!

As you can see the backdrop of Heat Wave serves as the perfect canvas for Sizzle with its textured metallic sheen.

So again this is not any regular old gold smokey eye makeup look!

This metallic gold shade combined with the crimson red made me fall in love.

I felt like my eyes had a twinkle in them lol!

Motives In the Heat of the Night: Summer 2016 Lineup is Sizzling Hot

By February, most of us are seriously over winter and thinking of summer breezes and beach waves.

For me, my annual business trip to Miami for Market America World Conference is a welcome escape from frozen temperatures and icy sidewalks.

It is the perfect combination of work and play. Longer and warmer days combined with discovering the newest makeup trends and colors from Motives Cosmetics is a great way to forget all about the frozen tundra!

In addition to the new Motives Gem Sparkles in Collaboration with Aurora Gonzalez, Motives unveiled its new Spring and Summer 2016 lineup.

This summer looks to be full of earth tone colors perfect for making this red and gold smokey eye look.

Motives Hot Hot Hot red and gold smokey eye makeup look


These earth tone eye shadows provided the perfect transition to a red and gold smokey eye.

The key to working with earth tone shades like those used in this in a red and gold smokey eye is BLENDING.

Choosing transition shades and building up your transition will give you an airbrushed flawless look.

Start with the lighter shades and then build up to the darker shades. Usually with a gold smokey eye makeup look the build up is achieved with shades of brown.

For this crimson and gold smokey eye I built up with a mustard like shade. Keep reading for more info.

Product Listing for this Summer Sizzle Gold Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Unfortunately, the camera was not rolling when I created this look. I love the crimson and gold smokey eye so much and have received a lot of compliments.

I made sure to capture the inspiration behind the red and gold smokey eye look. This video also reveals the products used in the below video.

Shop the Look: Crimson and Gold Smokey Eye

If you have read this far and want to know just exactly how to get these eye shadows and lip products in your makeup bag, then worry no more!

I have created a trend in an online shop so you can get the look all in one easy and convenient location in the United States and earn cash back. Click here to see every Motives Cosmetics product used in this red and gold smokey eye look.

Order available Motives by Loren Ridinger and for La La lip products in Canada,  Motives Cosmetics UK and Globally.

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About Tamira Hamilton Certified Motives Beauty Advisor, Tamira Hamilton, has over 20 years of sales, marketing and coaching experience. She earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cardinal Stritch University with an emphasis on Marketing and Finance. Tamira specializes in helping others find their inner strength and leveraging it with a proven and duplicatable system to make money online using Blogs, Social Media and influence. Tamira is a servant leader and well respected in the industry. To learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, please email or visit


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