Who Are the Motives Mavens & What Do they Do?

Who Are the Motives Mavens & What Do they Do?

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If you are wondering who exactly are the Motives Mavens, then you have come to the right place. First of all, I am a HUGE fan. They are all my favorite in their own right. So if you would like an unbiased opinion you may want to consider continuing in your search for information about the Motives Mavens. There is a lot to be learned from the story of the Motives Mavens so we will cover who they are, what they do and what you can learn from them in this blog post.

Who Are The Motives Mavens?

In July of of 2013 Motives Cosmetics Instagram account had about 1,200 followers on their account (then named (@motivesbeauty). On average they received about 20 likes per post. Motives founder Loren Ridinger is quoted as saying she didn’t like how her Instagram was being handled. Then one night Loren and BFF/Motives partner, La La Anthony were having a pajama sleepover like besties do and they came up with a brilliant idea. Ridinger and Anthony decided to write letters to the top makeup artists on Instagram and ask them to try out the product. This idea then known as the “Instagram Project” changed Motives from a little known brand on Instagram to having over 1.4 million followers on Instagram. At the heart of this change is a group of Motives Makeup Artists known as the Motives Mavens.

Motives Mavens mentors Loren Ridinger and La La Anthony

La La Anthony and Loren Ridinger


Within six weeks of launching the Instagram project the Motives Cosmetics Instagram account grew to 250,000 and the sales began to pour in. This happened because these makeup artists had huge followings who respected their opinion, artistry and work. So when they began featuring looks using all Motives, the combination of their artistry and photography skills combined with strength of the Motives products (pigmentation, long lasting color, packaging, etc), it caused the brand to go viral literally overnight!



The Motives Mavens with Motives Founder Loren Ridinger

L-R: Denise Sanchez, Ely Marino, Loren Ridinger, Teni Panosian and Maryam Maquillage

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Meet the Motives Mavens

Meet the Motives Mavens

Naomi Giannopoulous (@vegas_nay)

Ellarie Noel (@ellarie)

Ely Marino (@elymarino)

Denise Sanchez (@makeupbydenise)

Teni “Miss Maven” Panosian (@tenipanosian)

Maryam Maquillage (@maryamnyc)

Aurora por Maquillaje* (@auroramakeup)

Janine Hoen* (@theamazingworldofj)

Fritzie Torres* (@hellofritzie)

Brittany Martin* (@makeupbybrittany)

Sharona Usher* (@makeupbysharona)

Lou Flores* (@lvglamduo)

Cristina Whitehead* (@gliz_n_glam)

*Not pictured but equally relevant and loved by me 

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What do the Motives Mavens Do?

You may think the Motives Mavens have it easy.  From outward appearances they have the life. Well you are right! That does not mean, however that these ladies don’t work hard because they do! They also get to play hard, make sure you continue reading and watch the video that is later in the post showing how they get to play.

Motives Mavens Element Color Box Palette

Motives Mavens Element Color Box Palette Swatches by Ely Marino

Being a Motives Maven is more than receiving free makeup, playing in makeup all day and taking selfies. In fact these ladies all have various backgrounds. For example, Vegas_Nay is a wife and mom with a background in the fashion industry and 20 years of makeup experience. Ellarie has a Masters Degree in Marketing. Brittany M just completed her formal education to become and esthetician. Teni Panosian is an actress and well respected beauty blogger. So these ladies and gents are more than gorgeous! They work both hard and smart!


Christian Vasquez is the corporate face of the Motives Mavens

Christian Vasquez is the Creative Director of Motives and works with the Motives Mavens

The Motives Mavens are brand ambassadors. Yes, they take really awesome pictures as well as make very useful and needed makeup tutorials/pictorials (including those that Motives Cosmetics owns the right to and we as beauty advisors are able to safely repost and use in our marketing). They also conduct weekly live broadcasts of their most popular looks featuring all Motives Cosmetics on Meeton.com. They attend Market America Events such as Market America World Conference. The Mavens also attend and represent Motives at Beauty Industry Events such as the International Beauty Show (IBS).

The Motives Mavens and Christian Vasquez at IBS 2014

Denise Sanchez, Maryam Maquillage and Christian Vasquez represent Motives at the 2014 International Beauty Show in NYC.

What sets the Motives Mavens apart from other Instagram Makeup Artists is their level of positivity and their passion for makeup and people. I am not saying others are not about this, however, it takes a special kind to be able to deal with 20,000 insane Market America Distributors and beauty advisors for 3 days.

Market America World Conference 2014 Meeting The Motives Mavens

Market America World Conference 2014 Meeting The Motives Mavens


These ladies and gents are extremely classy and approachable. They engage with their followers with comments and likes. They graciously take pictures. They really are beautiful inside and out. The inspire and empower us all everyday.

As if all that was not enough, many of the Mavens serve as consultants to major makeup brands including Motives. Some even have their own product line or shade with these companies. Here at Motives, they have the Motives Mavens mini-line with the Motives Mavens Sculpt Series and Motives Mavens Element Colorbox Palettes.

What to Use to Highlight and Sculpt Your Face

The Motives Mavens Sculpt Series in Fire and Ice


What Can We Learn from the Motives Mavens?

Naomi Giannopoulos (Vegas_Nay) has over 3 million followers on Instagram which makes her the largest beauty brand on Instagram. Her account has grown by over 2 million followers in the last year. She started her account in January, 2012 so to have 3 million followers in 3 years is amazing.


The Motives Mavens Collage

Naomi paved the way for all of the other Mavens and is so far from a diva. She supports and features other other artists on her page even more than her own work. Naomi, along with La La and Loren are proof of the quickest way to succeed is by helping others to succeed.

Many of these Motives Makeup Artists and Brand Ambassadors are actually self taught. Makeup is their passion along with empowering women. That is what makes them the perfect fit for Motives. Malcolm Gladwell speaks of the 10,000 hour principle in his book, “Outliers.” This principle is rooted in the theory that you can master anything if you put in the time which is about 10,000 hours. These Mavens have put in the time and it shows!

Motives Mavens Work the Floor at MAWC2014

Motives Mavens Work the Floor at MAWC2014

Naomi just held her second Stardust Tour yesterday. The tide is changing. Many of the Mavens are poised to move on to even bigger and better things. Yet, you can see that they remain humble and steadfast. In addition to founding the Startdust Tour, Vegas_Nay, says she was able to retire her husband and he now works full time with her at home.

The Motives Mavens Get Ready to Introduce the Element Palette at MAWC2014

The Motives Mavens Get Ready to Introduce the Element Palette at MAWC2014

That is the power; the juice; the secret sauce. If you work hard and set yourself apart from the competition by taking care of the small details (great photos, artistry, etc) then your work will speak for itself. What will speak even louder is how you treat people, especially when you think no one else is looking. By putting in the time and working when everyone else is sleeping you are laying the foundation to your success. By having an abundance mentality vs a scarcity mentality, and helping others to achieve what they want will only serve you up to the universe for it to conspire to make your wishes come true.  It cannot be about the fame or the money. Do the work and the rest will follow. Makeup is a 10 Billion plus dollar industry, so don’t let ANYONE deter you from your dreams.

Keep reading to see how  La La Anthony along with Loren and JR Ridinger say thank you to the Motives Mavens for ALL that they have done for us.

The Instagram that Launched 1 Million Followers

I had already been following Vegas_Nay on Instagram for a few months when I saw this pic. I knew things were about to get even better with Motives Cosmetics.

Motives Mavens the Pic that launched a million followers

I call this the “Instagram Pic that Launched 1 Million Followers”

When I re-posted this look to my personal Facebook, my friends and family went insane! They absolutely loved it and immdiately beagan sending me in box messages asking to order this beautiful lip combination of Motives for La La  Mineral Lipstick in “24k” and Motives by Loren Ridinger Mineral Lip Shine in “Glam.”

 Loren La La and JR Say Thank you to the Motives Mavens

La La Anthony along with Market America founders Loren and JR Ridinger say, “Thank You!” to the Mavens in the Market America way! Watch this quick minute and a half video to see their response.

The Motives Mavens are definitely leaders in the industry. They teach and inspire us. They deserve nothing but the best.

Keep reading to learn how to become apart of this fast moving and innovative makeup brand, Motives Cosmetics, as a beauty advisor.

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About Tamira Hamilton Certified Motives Beauty Advisor, Tamira Hamilton, has over 20 years of sales, marketing and coaching experience. She earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cardinal Stritch University with an emphasis on Marketing and Finance. Tamira specializes in helping others find their inner strength and leveraging it with a proven and duplicatable system to make money online using Blogs, Social Media and influence. Tamira is a servant leader and well respected in the industry. To learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, please email tamirashamilton@me.com or click here.

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