Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette Voted 2015 Best by Beauty Examiner

Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette Voted 2015 Best by Beauty Examiner

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Time to pop the champagne and pour the bubbly!

The Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette which was just released in August,

is already being accoladed. Beauty Examiner has released their Best in Beauty 2015 awards and the Motives Mavens Demure Palette has been voted the best eyeshadow palette.


Are you looking for more information on this award winning palette?

Have no fear! We are going to reveal:

  • Exactly what Beauty Examiner had to say about this palette and why they voted Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette the BEST
  • What to expect when you get your hands on this award winning palette
  • Where to buy this amazing palette
  • Where to get tutorials to inspire your own looks when you get this palette

Motivs All Day Liquid Stick Love Bites Banner

Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette is a Winner

Motives cosmetics is no stranger to winning awards. This world class makeup line is one of the hottest makeup brands with over 2 million followers and over 350,000 hashtag mentions per month on Instagram.

Motives Mavens Demure Shadow Palette Triple Banner

Motives by Loren Ridinger and for La La are no stranger to winning awards and getting lots of press.

The Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette is not the first product in this makeup line to win a best in beauty award.

The celebrity makeup line gladly accepted several Best in Beauty 2014 Awards, including best cream concealer, best lip gloss, and best brow palette.

Motives Mavens Demure Palette @theamazingworldofJ

Get access to looks created with the Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette by 7 of Instagram’s biggest makeup artist when you click this image

Watch Me Unbox the Motives Mavens Demure Palette

Check out this video where I unbox the Motives Mavens Demure eyeshadow palette. This video was recorded and streamed live on

This video also shows a great All Day Liquid Stick that was released as part of the Motives Fall Winter 2015 Collection – Discrete.

Have you followed me on Periscope yet? Download the app and follow @motivesmira.

Check out swatches on both dark and lighter skin on this blog post.

Motives Maven Ellarie Introduces: Motives Mavens Demure & Dynasty Palette

Ellarie Noel is fastly becoming recognized as a well respected powerhouse in the digital world of beauty. She is one of 7 makeup artists who contributed to the creation of the Motives Demure Eyeshadow Palette.

In this short video she provides insight into why she LOVES the Motives Mavens Demure Palette and her sister the Motives Dynasty Palette.

Get the Look: Motives Mavens Demure & Dynasty Eyeshadow Palettes

The Motives Mavens introduced their first eyeshadow palette, The Color Box, Motives Mavens Element Palette in February 2014. This palette quickly became a best seller so it is only fitting that the Element Palette is now joined by the Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette.

Motives Maven Teni - Demure

So you get how amazing the Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette is and may just be worried about how YOU can successfully create looks using this palette.

Maybe you are not comfortable using eyeshadow yet as a part of your daily beauty regimen.

The Motives Mavens would not leave you hanging!

Motives Mavens Dynasty Palette Tutorial by MaryamNYC

These seven talented and recognized makeup artist hand picked the shades of the Motives Mavens Demure eyeshadow palette with you in mind!

The makeup artists love to teach so they have each put together their favorite look from either the Demure or Dynasty palette.  Get the Look HERE!

Beauty Examiner Best In Beauty Awards: Best Eyeshadow Palette

Here is what Sarah Afshar had to say on why Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow palette was chosen as the best palette of 2015 in its Best of Beauty Awards:

When it comes embracing natural beauty, you can do so with this nude palette. Consisting of 10 shades handpicked by makeup artists, this is one of the few palettes where you can represent the famous smoky eye or simply go barely there.Beauty Examiner

Motives Mavens Demure Palette Best in Beauty Award Winner

What is the Price for Best in Beauty 2015 Eyeshadow Palette of the Year

Motives Cosmetics promises you affordable beauty in every shade.  In fact, this award winning makeup line is often referred to as having Chanel quality at better than MAC pricing.

Motives eyeshadows are known and loved because of

  1. The amount of product you get for the money
  2. Long lasting wear
  3. Wearable by women of the lightest to darkest complexion
  5. The tutorials that come with their palettes

All this being said, the Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette is no different:

  • 10 shadows
  • 5 matte shades
  • 5 glitter shades
  • Compact case with mirror
  • Verstality go from office to happy hour with this palette
  • Travels with ease and fits nicely into a purse or carry on bag

All for ONLY $39.95 USD.

For more information on where to buy this EXCLUSIVE and award winning eyeshadow below, keep scrolling please 😉

Want More Motives Cosmetics?

Most women admit that wearing their favorite shade of lipstick makes them feel more confident. Motives is all about empowering women to look and feel their best and accomplish whatever they desire.  Motives Cosmetics is an award winning makeup line that offers beauty in every shade at an affordable price.

Check out this short video and discover Motives Cosmetics.

Where to Buy Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette

If you have read this far and want to know just exactly how to get this stunning and versatile palette in your makeup bag, then worry no more!

Get your Motives Mavens Shadow Palettes in United States and earn cash back.

Order available Motives by Loren Ridinger and for La La lip products in Canada,  Motives Cosmetics UK and Globally.

Motives Cosmetics Beauty Advisor Website

Motives Mavens Dynasty & Demure Eye Shadow Palettes

Host a Motives Online Party and earn 15% of party sales in free product! Learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor by clicking here.

Motives Cosmetics Beauty Advisor Website

Set Up Your Free Customer Profile

This video will reveal the exact steps to take to establish your free customer profile and the perks you will get as a preferred customer:

  1. Save 10% on your first order
  2. Access the Get the Look Library with over 630 makeup looks created by professional makeup artists and bloggers with the exact steps and products used for the look
  3. Complimentary Skin Care Analysis
  4. Get me, Tamira Hamilton, as your dedicated beauty advisor to help you determine your foundation match, customize your beauty collection and much more!
  5. Access to my exclusive Facebook Group, where I give you the attention you deserve.
  6. Early notification of live webinars and events and more!
Join the community today!
Join the Community Today

Ship Motives Cosmetics To Your Door Even Outside of the United States

Click on your country below. If you do not see your country’s flag, then click Global Then choose the country you are shipping to and your language preference to get the NEW  Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette.

Also available are the new Dynasty or My Party Weapon Palettes.

Become A Motives Beauty Advisor – Join My Team Today!

When you start your business with Motives you get tons of support. You get the advice and mentorship of company leaders, leading distributors, Motives trainers, etc.

  • Motives Training learn how to build your business, get product knowledge and create a great customer experience. Visit my Motives Website to search for training in your area.
  • Motives Facebook Group* learn from other beauty advisors and trainers in this support group
  • Motives Official Online Party Facebook Group* learn and access the tools needed to have successful online events and coach your party hosts to do the same. Led by Loren Ridinger herself.
  • Motives Instagram, Facebook and other social media have loads of information, tutorials, pictures, etc. that you have the right to use. (Just like this awesome Purple Smokey Eye Going Out Makeup Tutorial using Motives Mavens Demure Eyeshadow Palette – *Hint Hint)

The Facebook Groups are secret and you have to show proof of being a registered Motives Beauty Advisor to access these groups.

About Tamira Hamilton Certified Motives Beauty Advisor, Tamira Hamilton, has over 20 years of sales, marketing and coaching experience. She earned her Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Cardinal Stritch University with an emphasis on Marketing and Finance. Tamira specializes in helping others find their inner strength and leveraging it with a proven and duplicatable system to make money online using Blogs, Social Media and influence. Tamira is a servant leader and well respected in the industry. To learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, please email or visit


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