Motives Cosmetics UK New Products

Motives Cosmetics UK New Products

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Motives Cosmetics UK has been growing very quickly. The affordable makeup line just introduced two new products to the UK market: Motives Mavens Sculpt Series and Elements Eyeshadow Palette. This comes the same week that Motives Pressed Bronzer in Miami Glow was featured in Elle UK (September, 2014). Read below to learn more about Motives UK.

Motives Cosmetics UK Introduces New Products

The Motives Mavens Sculpt Services and Motives Mavens Element Eyeshadow Palettes arrive in the UK. Watch this short video tutorial from Maria Vlasenko demonstrating the Sculpt Series for contouring and highlighting.

Two new products have been released to the Motives Cosmetics UK market this week: Motives Mavens Sculpt Series and Motives Element Palette. The  Motives Mavens is a line within the lines of Motives by Loren Ridinger and Motives for La La. The Motives Mavens line was introduced at Market America World Conference 2014, in Miami, FL.

Motives Cosmetics UK Introduces the Mavens Sculpt Series

The sculpt series perfecting palette that includes everything you need for a radiant complexion with a natural makeup look and no-makeup feel. This palette is great for concealing, highlighting, and contouring the face. Our very own Motives Mavens created this palette with your makeup needs in mind.

Many people think one palette is for darker tones and the other is for for lighter. This incorrect. Both palettes can be used regardless of light or dark skin. Rather, it is about the undertone.

Motives Cosmetics UK Sculpt Palette

Motives Cosmetics UK Sculpt Palette


The palette comes in two variations – Fire and Ice. Fire is for warm (red/orange/yellow) undertones and Ice is for cool undertones (blue/green). I love the names Fire and Ice and it makes me think of Game of Thrones and my favorite heroine Kaleesi.

To know if you have cool or warm undertones look at the veins in your wrist. If they are green then you have warm undertones. If they are blue, then you have cool undertones.

How To Highlight and Contour Your Face Feature

This palette is an amazing value at £28.75 GBP. The Motives Mavens Sculpt Series can be purchased by clicking the image above or visiting and choosing the country United Kingdom.

Part two of this post will feature the Motives Mavens Element Eyeshadow palette and is coming soon!

UPDATE: Motives Color Perfection Quad Now Available in the UKMotives Cosmetics UK- How to To Order

Check out this blog post on how to order the Motives Color Perfection Quad in the UK. Click the link below to read the blog post and watch a video where I show you exactly how to place your order.

How to Order Color Perfection Quad

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