Motives Beauty Advisor Support System: Be In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself With Motives

Motives Beauty Advisor Support System: Be In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself With Motives

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You may be considering becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor and are asking yourself, “What does the Motives Beauty Advisor Support System look like, if there is one?”  That is a very logical question as the answer addresses the fear of being in business for yourself. You may be one of those people who see being a business owner as a very lonely and isolated situation where you lose the comradery of friendships and relationships built in the work place.


Motives Beauty Advisor Support System Headed by Loren Ridinger Herself

Motives by Loren Ridinger is by far one of the hottest makeup lines on the market at this time. That is due in part to Loren Ridinger’s unfailing commitment and personal dedication to the cosmetics line. Ridinger is the wife of JR Ridinger, founder Motives parent company, Market America | Loren could easily enjoy her life as the wife of JR and having her name associated with Motives. However, as you can see from this sizzle video, Loren is a very well respected and connected business woman who works smart!


Motives Beauty Advisor Support Is Personal For Motives Founder Loren Ridinger

Ridinger is very active in the day to day operation of the makeup brand to ensure that its distributors and beauty advisors have the support that they need to grow their businesses. An example of this, was a August 27th call with beauty advisors around the United States to personally give them insight into a new online party tool that Loren personally developed. Loren did not select only her favorite or the highest producing beauty advisors.  There was an open invitation to all on the team to join the call. Loren stayed on the call and gracefully took every question until all questions had been answered. The she even scheduled another call for those who were not able to get on the call that evening.

Motives Beauty Advisor Support is Personal For Loren Ridinger

La La Anthony and Loren Ridinger

The Motives Virtual/Online Party is an awesome example of the support you get when you start your business. The party tool was the personal innovation and baby of Loren Ridinger. She tested the party format personally and went above and beyond in developing the tools that the beauty advisor network can use to have the same success that she experienced when testing the new tool.

The Motives Beauty Advisor Support System is Vast and Wide

Loren Ridinger Personally Developed The Start of the Art Online Party Tool for Motives by Loren Ridinger

Motives Beauty Advisor Support System Allows You To Be In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself

When you start your business with Motives you get tons of support. You get the advice and mentorship of company leaders, leading distributors, Motives trainers, etc.

  • Motives Training learn how to build your business, get product knowledge and create a great customer expereince. Visit my Motives Website to search for training in your area.
  • Motives Facebook Group* learn from other beauty advisors and trainers in this support group
  • Motives Official Online Party Facebook Group* learn and access the tools needed to have succesful online events and coach your party hosts to do the same. Led by Loren Ridinger herself.
  • Motives Instagram, Facebook and other social media have loads of information, tutorials, pictures, etc. that you have the right to use.

The Facebook Groups are secret and you have to show proof of being a registered Motives Beauty Advisor to access these groups.Motives Beauty Advisor Support Join Now1

Want More Motives?

Buy Motives in United StatesMotives Cosmetics UK and Globally and earn cash back. 
 and earn 15% of party sales in free product! Learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor at 

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Motives Beauty Advisor Support: Be In Business For Yourself Not By Yourself from Tamira Hamilton

About Tamira Hamilton

Certified Motives Beauty Advisor, Tamira Hamilton, has over 20 years of sales, marketing and coaching experience. She specializes in helping others find their inner strength and leveraging it with a proven and duplicatable system to make money online using Blogs, Social Media and influence. Tamira is a servant leader and well respected in the industry. To learn more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, please email or visit  

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