2016 Annalise Keating Starter Pack 2.0

2016 Annalise Keating Starter Pack 2.0

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It is no secret that I am a HUGE fan of both the ABC hit show, “How to Get Away with Murder,” and star of the show Viola Davis! As I anxiously awaited the season 2 premiere last year, I soothed my desperation for more Annalise by putting together a collage of makeup from Motives Cosmetics, based makeup Ms. Viola’s on screen makeup (as I affectionately call her- come on now you have to admit she deserves some respeck on her name). Being a social media maven, I referred to this collage as the Annalise Keating Starter Pack.

Keep reading for the full product listing and to learn how to get your hands on what you need to add to your makeup bag to complete the look.

Celebrity Inspired Makeup Annalise Keating Starter Pack

motives for la la bronzing shimmer powder banner

When I glow up I want to glow just like Annalise Keating. Seriously for real! As quickly as she gets in trouble she finds and winds her way out but one thing for sure is she always has an amazing glow!

There were a few tweaks to this year’s starter pack in comparison to the original, but the glow remains the same. To glow up like Annalise, I recommend Motives for La La Bronzing & Shimmer Powder.

Even when attending red carpet events, Ms. Viola’s beautiful deep skin has an undeniably captivating glow.


Annalise Keating get aways with murder and wears makeup as dark as her soul! Shades like Motives Oasis, Midnight, Audacious, Flirt, Gossip and Naughty can all serve as descriptions of our favorite character. Recreate Annalise’s deep and mysterious look with the 2015 Annalise Keating Starter Pack: Motives for La La Secret Fantasies Palette, Mineral Blush in Centerfold and Berry Sexy Lipstick.

Check out the original celebrity inspired starter pack  (some items may have been retired since last year which makes this the perfect time to update the starter pack)

Fall Makeup Inspired by #HTGAWM

The Annalise Keating Starter Pack 2.0 is the epitome of Fall Makeup and is characteristic of our favorite lawyer’s soul: dark and vampy!


Order seen in the video below:

  • Motives No Shine Spray
  • Lumiere de Vie Pore Minimizing Serum
  • Motives for La La Bronzing & Shimmer Powder
  • Motives for La La Long Wear Concealer – medium dark for yellow undertones
  • Motives for La La Liquid Foundation – caramel (substitute for Motives Customer Mineral Liquid Foundation)
  • Motives Mineral Custom Powder Translucent powder formulated by me for me
  • Motives Essential Eyebrow Kit 
  • Motives Color Perfection Quad – Dark
  • Motives for La La Dual Mineral Foundation – Dark


  • Motives 8 piece Deluxe Brush Set
  • Motives Mineral Khol Liner – Coffee
  • Motives Eye Illusion – Perception (2016 Fall #IAMotives) Textured Eye Shadow
  • Motives Mavens Demure Palette – Lights Out & Lush
  • Motives Lash Primer
  • Motives Pressed Blush – Intriguing
  • Motives for La La Volumizing Mascara Black
  • Motives Lip Lock
  • Motives for La La Mineral Khol Liner – Earth
  • Motives for La La Mineral Lipstick – Manhattan

And missing from the shortened video (more on that later) is none other than Motives 10 Years Younger Spray.


I understand, this product list may seem overwhelming and like A LOT of makeup. I seriously get it.

Here is the thing, to bring the Annalise Keating Starter Pack to life I filmed a makeup tutorial inspired by the picture below and I filmed it LIVE on Facebook.

Viewers wanted to know every single product I used step by step. So normally, I would not overwhelm you with such a huge list. However, you can use this list and compare it to your makeup bag. Whatever is on this list that is missing you can choose to get as an addition to your makeup collection.


Source: How to Get Away wit Murder Facebook Cover Photo

Watch me Bring the Annalise Keating Starter Pack to Life

Celebrity inspired makeup can be a tricky undertaking because in the end you will not transform into your favorite celebrity unless you are their doppleganger. Therefore, please note that this makeup tutorial is not at all about looking just like Ms. Viola. Instead, it is about embracing dark complected skin and letting your inner glow shine!

What I like most of all about this tutorial was that the audience was very eager and engaged. You can check out the original live video recording and all comments in my Facebook Videos Album.

WARNING: this was recorded live and live videos are always longer in duration. If it seems like 58 minutes is a lifetime to sit and watch some beauty geek play in cake, believe me I understand. Here is what I can tell you I give away a lot of little nuggets to help you put your best face forward so in the end it is worth it to at least skim through the video.

Many of these valuable nuggets are NOT in the shortened video below. For the rapid fire, straight and to the point version press play below or click here to watch the Annalise Keating Starter pack come to life.

Coming Soon: Fall Makeup Series

Consider the Annalise Keating Starter Pack the start of the season literally! Fall Makeup is like Christmas to makeup geeks and I am a makeup geek. The series will be here soon, so be sure to subscribe to get notification of each blog post.

Annalise Keating Starter Pack Full Product Listing

The following is best viewed on a desktop. For mobile and tablet readers click here.

Get Motives for La La Bronzing Shimmer Powder for Your Makeup Bag

Motives for La La Bronzing Shimmer Powder is only $28.95 US!!!!!!!

All products featured in the Annalise Keating Starter Pack can be conveniently located all on one page in the trend shop 

This multi-use product is an illuminating bronzer that gives your complexion a boost with a rich, gorgeous tan. It buffs on soft and smooth to give any complexion even, natural-looking warmth. Simply sweep it on for a healthy sunlit shade year-round.

All products are now be available in the  United States Canada,  Motives Cosmetics UK and Globally. Also, please visit the website for your country and check out the Motives All Day Matte Lipsticks or Motives All Day Liquid Sticks.



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