Anastasia Brow Gel: How To Choose Your Shade

Anastasia Brow Gel: How To Choose Your Shade

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Anastasia Brow Gel helps you achieve a perfect brow almost effortlessly in 5 quick minutes. This chart helps you choose your shade for perfect brows!

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Anastasia Brow Gel: Get Perfect Brows

Watch this 1 minute video for a great eyebrow tutorial that shows you exactly how to create the perfect brow using Anastasia Brow Gel.

Anastasia Brow Gel: Choose Your Shade for Perfect Brows

Anastasia Brow Gel: Choose Your Shade

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The eyebrows frame the face and the eyes are said to be the windows to your soul. You may have a flawless complexion, look 10 years younger than your actual and age and may not wear makeup. However, you still want to frame your perfect face with the perfect brow.  Anastasia Brow Gel is one of several brow products that you can choose from on

This youtube video shows you how to create the perfect brow in a 5 simple steps in under 5 minutes! First thing to do is to choose your shade. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the Brow Queen of product on Instagram, so we referred to them for tips on choosing the right shade!

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