Retail Beauty Advisor Job Description

Retail Beauty Advisor Job Description

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Are you looking for more specifics on the beauty advisor job description? A beauty advisor is a cosmetic and skin care salesperson. The main job of a beauty advisor is to meet sales goals while offering personalized customer service and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers. There is not a formal education requirement for this job, but employers do look for industry knowledge and the ability to sell.

While the description of what a Beauty Advisor does with Motives does include retailing it encompasses so much more. Watch this short video for the Motives Beauty Advisor Job Description and discover that it is not a job at all!

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Beauty Advisor Job Description

A traditional beauty advisor job description usually means working for retailers that have a dedicated beauty sales counter or catalog. These retailers usually sell their own line of cosmetics and skin care, which are the main products sold by the advisor. An advisor assists customers with finding products that meet their needs by giving makeovers or product demonstrations. An advisor is the main representative for the company and their products, so he or she is acting as a sales person and as a customer service representative.

Beauty Advisor Job Description


Beauty Advisor Job Duties

The main responsibilities of a beauty advisor are to help customers find the products that meet their needs and sell customers as many products as possible. Job duties involve suggesting products, explaining how products work, demonstrating how to use products, performing makeovers, and operating the cash register. A beauty advisor may have to meet sales goals, build customer relations through follow-up calls and mailings, recruit new customers, order new products, handle door-to-door sales, and manage inventory. Beauty advisors may also stock shelves, clean floors, and organize sales areas.

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Beauty Advisor Job Requirements

Most employers do not have any specific education requirements listed in their beauty advisor job description. The main requirements for this position are based upon personality and knowledge of the industry. According to job postings in October 2013 on, employers look for someone who is friendly, good with people, and who has a general interest or passion for the beauty industry. Some employers may prefer previous sale experience or postsecondary sales training. Any experience in cosmetics or specific knowledge of the company’s products may also be helpful.

Beauty advisors must have extensive knowledge of the products that they sell. An advisor must also be knowledgeable about what products to recommend to customers and proper demonstration techniques. On-the-job training or company training seminars may be provided to train new employees about products and techniques.

Beauty Advisor Job Description Animation

Job Outlook and Salary Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS,, the employment of retail sales workers, including those employed by cosmetic goods stores, is expected to increase by about 17% between 2010 and 2020. reported in November 2013 that the middle half of beauty advisors earned salaries ranging from $17,395 to $37,818.

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