Office Approved Makeup Tutorial by Elizabeth Marino

Office Approved Makeup Tutorial by Elizabeth Marino

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You want to be known for your talent and abilities in the workplace, and not be overshadowed by your makeup. Looking professional yet stylish makes for a definitive presence on the job. These two factors can be the deal maker in a highly competitive scenario. Plain and simply, when you have have the proven skills to get the the job done and look the part, you win!

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This Office Approved Makeup Tutorial Features Motives By Loren Ridinger. This video reveals the magic of this highly sought after makeup brand. Check it out now!

Boost Your Career: Office Approved Makeup Tutorial

On the flip side, you have can all the skills necessary, yet not be noticed because you don’t look the part. It takes a fine balance between looking the part, feeling great and letting your work do all the talking for you.

We know that how others perceive you begins with your appearance. However, you don’t want it to end there or worse, make others perceive you the wrong way. Check out this office approved makeup tutorial by Instagram Sensation @elymarino

Office Approved Makeup Tutorial Total look

Office Approved Makeup Tutorial By Elizabeth “Ely” Marino

  1. Start by applying a light wash of “Hazelnut” eyeshadow just in the outer corner of the eye
  2. Apply “Chocoholic” eyeliner close to the upper lash line
  3. Using a small compacted brush, (Motives 219 Precision Crease brush) smudge the liner with “Hazelnut” eyeshadow to set the liner in place and give it a softer effect
  4. Apply “Angel” Khol eyeliner on the water line. Repeat steps 2-3 underneath the lower lash line to tie the whole look together
  5. Apply Lustrafy mascara
  6. Lips are “Rosewood” lipstick with “Scandal” Lip Shine over top

Office Approved Makeup Tutorial by Ely Marino

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  • Kristy says:

    Good point about striking the balance for looking the part. I think it’s a good idea to do whatever it takes to feel confident as that confidence will shine even more in your appearance.

    • admin says:

      Yes there is a lot to be said for having a truly polished look and being able to get ahead. Polished does not always equal edgy or trendy. Just well put together and groomed. Mineral makeup is very light feeling too so you don’t feel extra weight.

  • Great idea for applying makeup to feel confident in the office. Pretty important if you have a professional role and need to keep your appearances looking sharp, especially if you are on a camera or doing speaking events. Some good instruction on what products to use and how to use them, very useful.
    Jane Manthorpe recently posted…Why do we eat?My Profile

  • Susan says:

    It is true that people generally base their first impressions on appearance. For me, though, what is important is how I feel about how I look, because if I like the way I look, I will feel more confident. I live in the bizarre alternative universe of clergywomen, though, and there is an expectation that we NOT wear a lot of makeup. I work very hard to look natural and healthy, which does require some good skin care products and makeup. Thanks for the tips.
    Susan recently posted…Lessons From a Skein of YarnMy Profile

    • admin says:

      Interesting that you say you are in the universe of clergy women. I understand and am planning something just for you. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it.

  • Lucy says:

    Great tutorial! Nothing makes you feel more self-conscious than getting make up all wrong for work. What colour is being used on the lower lid? I really like that effect.
    Lucy recently posted…Autumn Equinox: a spiritual Harvest FestivalMy Profile

  • Julie says:

    I have worked with many women in office settings, where we have discussed this exact topic. Balancing professional with style, makeup, and attire can be stressful and not always straightforward. This is a great guide tutorial!

  • Brooklyn says:

    I love this tutorial!

    Nothing confuses me more then when an otherwise sensible lady wears the wrong kind of makeup, or in the wrong style for the task at hand.

    This look is totally doable and has a sophisticated and work appropriate presence.

    Loves it!

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