Tamira Hamilton Featured as Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight WCW

Tamira Hamilton Featured as Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight WCW

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I am so honored to share the the Motives Corporate team have selected me as their Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW) of the week in the Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight on the Unfranchise Blog. If you know anything about me, you know that I am passionate about:

  • empowering women to  put their best face forward in all that they do
  • creating the time freedom to be with those they love most as well as do
  • what they love and enjoy most!


Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Tamira Hamilton

Here’s a snippet of my feature. To read the full article and see the full list, click here.

This week’s WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) Motives Beauty Advisor feature is dedicated to Tamira Hamilton! Tamira balances creativity, business, and strategy to become a valuable Motives® partner! Read on to learn more about Tamira’s story and how she’s continues to grow her Motives Cosmetics® business!

Unfranchise Blog Image Tamira Hamilton

My 3-year old grandson Tristan, is my “Why.” I enjoy precious time with him at least two full days per week thanks to my Unfranchise business.

How were you introduced to Motives®?

An acquaintance at the gym teased me with the idea of the business and then took it away by text message. My curiosity was piqued so my BFF and I met with her and Cheyn Crangle. We both used the same personal trainer who introduced us. I think she had watched me for a while (a week or two), got close to us and then asked.

What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

Honestly, I looked it up right away when I asked her what it was and she told me. I told my BFF we are not going to do this but she is cool so let’s just go to dinner. At dinner, when I heard the concept it just made sense and I was ready on the spot.


Join Our Unfranchise Team Tamira Hamilton

How have you leveraged GMTSS events to build your belief/ propel your success?

I have not ever missed a major event! I re-launch my business every six months. Coming from a financial services background, the training requirements were very attractive to me as a professional. It made the system different because of the quality control and on going education. It made it more professional in my opinion.

What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives® team?

Retailing and social media are how I grow my business. I believe an educated customer is a happy/satisfied AND LOYAL customer. I use social media and my blog to educate and attract buying customers. At the same time I am educating my team and they are buying.  It then only makes sense to start the business for those buying regularly and consistently and you know they believe in the products and will always want the product at customer. We have been making more headway with leading with the shopping annuity. I don’t care how much they love makeup if they don’t want to do the shopping annuity then I am not interested in working with them.


Ummm What is the Unfranchise?

That’s a GREAT question. You ask very intelligent questions. Thank you!

You probably are wondering what the heck is an Unfranchise and GMTSS. So let me explain:

Simply put the Unfranchise is a business system. It is a proven system of success that allows you to create a six figure income working a proven plan for 2-3 years. It is like a franchise but without:

  • territorial restrictions
  • fees
  • enormous initial outlay of cash

GMTSS stands for Global Meeting, Training, and Seminar System. This is an irreplaceable part of the Unfranchise system that provides quality control by educating the field on how to do world class business in a world class way. What it means to you is that you will in business for yourself not by yourself.

Experience an Unfranchise GMTSS Event

As mentioned in the feature article, I have never missed a major training event. Check out my VLOG of the Market America Northern Regional Convention.

Click here to learn more my story of how I became a Motives Beauty Advisor.

I would love to give you more information on what I do and how I can help you achieve YOUR GOALS with this proven system of success. Please email me today at tamira@tamirahamilton.com to schedule some time to talk by phone.

Tamira Hamilton Contact Card

Upcoming Motives Trainings with Tamira Hamilton

As a Certified Trainer with Motives I work directly with the field to share business building practices, product knowledge and marketing. If you are at all interested in learning more about becoming a Motives Beauty Advisor, please join us as either my guest or the guest of the person who shared this post with you.

Tamira Hamilton Motives Training Atlanta July 2017

June 24-25th Pewaukee, WI

July 8-9th Duluth, GA (Atlanta)


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