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Motives Cosmetics Arizona Certification Training

Motives Cosmetics Arizona Certification TrainingMotives Cosmetics Arizona 2017 Certification Training Motives Cosmetics Arizona announces the following certification trainings. Arizona (Greater Phoenix, AZ) Sunday, November 19th MA Skin & Personal Care: Product Marketing & Knowledge Price $50 Course Summary: In this class you’ll learn about the skincare industry, how to identify various skin types and conditions as well as how... Read More »

TLS Trim Tea First Impression

TLS Trim Tea First ImpressionThe highly anticipated TLS Trim Tea was released this week and sold out in just two days. In this video I spill the tea on this weight loss drink. Who Is TLS Trim Tea with WellTrim IG For? I am super excited about this product! Weight loss and management cannot get any easier than with... Read More »

7 Things That Poor People Do That Keep Them Poor

7 Things That Poor People Do That Keep Them PoorEarlier this week this video popped up in my video suggestion and it immediately caught my eye. In fact I scrolled past it on my Apple TV and had to go back to watch it. 7 Things Poor People Do (That the Rich Don’t) will help you understand exactly WHY poor people seem to stay... Read More »

Power Profile Motives Certified Trainer Tamira Hamilton

Power Profile Motives Certified Trainer Tamira HamiltonI’m so excited to reveal to you my very own Power Profile video as a Motives Certified Trainer! Be My Guest: Online Motives Business Presentation August 31, 2017 This is important! So before I go any further I want to personally invite you to be my guest on an upcoming webinar to learn more about the... Read More »

DIY Mask to Soothe & Calm Irritated Skin

DIY Mask to Soothe & Calm Irritated SkinIf you suffer from irritated skin or redness you will want to continue reading this blog post. This DIY Mask soothes and calms irritated skin. Baking Soda is Perfect Base for Any DIY Mask Sodum Bicarbonate or baking soda as we know is good for more than baking or keeping the fridge from stinking. It... Read More »

Market America Introduces Royal Spa Essential Oils

Market America Introduces Royal Spa Essential OilsThey’re finally here! In early August, Market America introduced a new way to purify air and revitalize senses: Royal Spa Essential Oils! Whether you are into wellness and natural health for your home, office, car or salon, these five new essential oil blends are for you. Royal Spa Essential Oils This addition is an exciting... Read More »

Fall Makeup: Motives Beyond Beauty

Fall Makeup: Motives Beyond BeautyThe fall/winter collection is finally here! Keep reading to get all the details about Motives Beyond Beauty campaign. Fall is already a favorite season for makeup and the corporate team really nailed it this year! Beyond Beauty is definitely #NotSoBasic with the latest trends in texture and color.  #NotSoBasic Motives Beyond Beauty Collection Finally, I... Read More »

Introducing Motives Iconic Palette – Now Available

Introducing Motives Iconic Palette – Now AvailableWho doesn’t love a great eye shadow palette? They make looking great on the go much easier! Recently, we learned that a new palette is on the horizon: Motives Iconic Palette. Keep reading for everything you need know about this incredible new palette. Meet the NEW Motives Iconic Palette The newest palette to join the... Read More »

Neutral Makeup Look with the Back To You Collection

Neutral Makeup Look with the Back To You CollectionThe kids are back to school and the craziness of the summer is winding down time to get back to you with Motives August Collection. This neutral makeup look is the perfect way to reclaim your time. Reclaim Your Time and Get Back to You Finally! The kids are going back to school and now... Read More »

Success Stories: Motives Cosmetics Consultant

Success Stories: Motives Cosmetics ConsultantMaybe someone shared this post with you or you were searching online for Motives Cosmetics Success Stories. Whichever way you got here, I am glad you did! In the video below, women of all walks of life, races, ethnicities, career paths, education levels and backgrounds share their own individual stories of success as a Motives... Read More »